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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

Jack talks to Rich Hutson, CEO of Malaysia’s Chi Fitness and boutique offering FIRE in KL, about his long and eventful journey through Asia’s fitness industry. 

With Rich’s vast experience in both bigbox and boutique fitness in Asia, he’s the perfect person to speak to regarding what’s happening in all areas...

Apr 22, 2019

Jack answers a listener’s question on how to find the right location for your fitness business in Asia.

There are some crucial factors to consider when choosing the right spot for your business. In this episode Jack explores the topic and gives you some things to think about to take a step towards success.


Apr 15, 2019

Jack interviews Eric Malzone, host of The Future of Fitness podcast and fitness business consultant on what’s happening stateside.

They delve into fitness technology, Crossfit’s journey and what we can learn from there success and we touch on many little gems that you’ll be able to work into your business.


Apr 8, 2019

The tables are turned as Eric Malzone of the Fitness Blitz and Future of Fitness podcasts interviews Jack Thomas, host of this podcast - Fitness Business Asia - and founder/CEO of BASE, on his story, cultural differences between the east and west and the fitness landscape in Asia.

In today’s episode we discuss: 

  1. My...

Apr 1, 2019

Jack talks to Alex De Fina of Pherform in part 2 of their interview about building community, strong branding and how you can’t fake consistency.

Alex has done these things very well at Pherform and he’s happy to share his thoughts and insights. Listen to episode 26 to take some important lessons from his journey...