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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Host Jack Thomas talks about the 4 strong and essential managerial values that are promoted within BASE. Knowing your values helps with recruitment, culture and guides your daily decisions and conversations with your team.

If you manage people, don’t miss this episode and for maximum impact, share it with...

Mar 21, 2021

Lach and Raph from the Mind Muscle Project podcast come onto the show for a deep dive into their new project, Lockeroom Gym in Sydney’s CBD.

Lockeroom is one of the strongest examples in today’s fitness industry of positioning and knowing their client. You’ll take many big lessons from their story in terms of...

Mar 14, 2021

We’ve made the mistakes so you (hopefully) don’t have to! Host Jack Thomas talks you through the failures and lessons from 5 years of building and running BASE.



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Fitness Business Asia...

Mar 7, 2021

Johannes Raadsma is a co-founder and director of Inspire Brands Asia who have over 280 Anytime Fitness locations across Asia in their portfolio.

Johannes’ experience in many of Asia’s top fitness markets as well as Inspire Brand Asia’s meteoric rise makes him the perfect guest to help us raise the standards of the...

Mar 1, 2021

Host Jack Thomas speaks to Jim Adams of the Masters In Fitness Business Podcast on how the US and Asia fitness industries compare to each other and what we can learn from each other.



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