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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

When someone asks what your business is all about, what do you say? Getting this right is so important - and today we discuss why and how to get it right.



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Sep 5, 2021

If you’ve listened to our show (or any quality business show) you’ll know about the importance of systems. Today we highlight email templates - I think a great first system if you’ve not got much in place yet, and an important one to work on and make exceptional.

In today’s episode we highlight why email...

Sep 1, 2021

Using the ‘repost’ function can be a powerful tool and a quick way to get some quality content. However, when executed poorly, it can wreck your social media and put you out of favour with those pesky algorhythms.

This episode will ensure you get it right for maximum effectiveness.



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Aug 30, 2021

In the first of our FitBiz Fix series that will run through September we dig into client surveys and how they can provide golden feedback that’s otherwise hard to get.

Tune into the podcast every Monday and Thursday through September for a 5 minute podcast that will help you and your fitness business.



Mar 1, 2021

Host Jack Thomas speaks to Jim Adams of the Masters In Fitness Business Podcast on how the US and Asia fitness industries compare to each other and what we can learn from each other.



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