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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Sep 28, 2018

In this episode, Jack goes through 5 of the most important marketing channels for any fitness business looking to get their message out to the world effectively and powerfully. Having a great product and giving good service is not enough – you need to find ways to connect with potential clients and keep connected with your current ones by sharing your business’s stories and successes. 

Listen today to find out more about the 5 key areas of marketing that you should be focusing on. You can refer back to this episode if you’re stuck for marketing ideas or direction and if you’re feeling confused on where to start, pick one thing and learn about and develop it.

In today’s episode we’re covering:

1. [2:49] The importance of social media marketing and how it’s replaced many other more traditional forms of advertising 

2. [7:26] How to approach PR and the things to consider when developing an effective approach to getting your story out in newspapers, magazines, blogs and TV shows. 

3. [11:31] Why you cannot ignore email marketing and some solid ideas and strategies towards kickstarting this important and cheap form of marketing. 

4. [13:55] The things you need to consider when approaching partners or entering a partnership with another business.

5. [18:23] Why word of mouth and referrals are possibly the best form of advertising out there.

6. [22:18] A summary of the essential 5 pillars of fitness business marketing