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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Oct 15, 2018

Welcome to the FitBiz Fix - a bite-sized episode that tackles one small (but important) fitness industry topic in 5 minutes.

Today's FitBiz Fix tackles photography. Your photography represents your business so make sure you get this important aspect right.

Keep listening to the end for the one thing you absolutely must not do when it comes to your business's marketing.

Some of the keypoints from today’s episode:

  1. [0:01] What is the FizBiz Fix?
  2. [0:57] Why you shouldn't be using a phone for photography
  3. [2:13] Understand how photography represents your business.
  4. [2:30] A method to collect some bulk photography that can be used
  5. [2:55] The one thing you should avoid at all costs
  6. [4:20] Recap of the points