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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Sep 24, 2023

Comprehensive and clear systems and processes are essential if you want to deliver consistent experiences, take time off, work ON the business or sell it.

See standard operating procedures - also known as SOPs - as a complete blueprint on how to run your business. Investing into SOPs is not glamorous or sexy, but...

Sep 11, 2023

We speak to Eric Malzone, host of the excellent Future of Fitness Podcast and consultant to leading companies such as WRKOUT and Dark Horse Rowing. Today, Eric brings a US perspective as we talk about democratization in fitness, technology, AI, podcasting and what the next 5-10 years have in store for the industry.

Aug 28, 2023

What do you need to consider when choosing the right location for your new studio or gym? Jack Thomas talks through some of his learnings from opening five locations.



The Fit Guide helps fitness lovers find and experience the world’s best fitness clubs and studios; and helps fitness clubs create...

Aug 14, 2023

In part three of our three part Fitness Manager mini-series, host Jack Thomas discusses how to best support your coaching team and ways to reach managerial excellence.

If you missed parts 1 and 2, do go back to episode 249 to catch up.

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Become a World Class Coach - 3...

Jul 31, 2023

In part two of our three part Fitness Manager mini-series, host Jack Thomas discusses tackles recruitment, interview and face-to-face management essentials.

If you missed part 1, go back to episode 249.

Part 3 is on supporting your team and reaching next-level status as a fitness manager.

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