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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

In Episode 2, Jack focuses on the recruitment process and the things you need to consider when hiring for your fitness business.

Some of the keypoints from today’s episode:

  1. [0:57] Why the quality of your staff is crucial for the higher end of the fitness market.
  2. [3:16] Have a clear idea about the qualities you expect your coaches to have
  3. [4:04] Do they really want the job?
  4. [4:41] Why selecting open-minded coaches is of utmost importance
  5. [5:39] Don’t rush
  6. [6:18] Meet them and know them well to reach the right decision
  7. [7:31] Save time and money by setting all the expectations at the beginning.
  8. [9:25] Utilize the probation period to invest in their development and see if it’s a good fit
  9. [10:11] If you have serious early doubts, listen to them
  10. [11:57] Art of keeping a balance between giving chances and taking tough decisions.