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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Our new Moments series takes the gems from our top episodes that you may have missed, or that we could all do with a reminder on.

To listen to the full interview with Thomas, visit episode 141:



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Jun 21, 2021

This is part 2 of a great conversation with Will Skinner, CEO of UFit in Singapore, one of Asia’s strongest fitness brands. We discuss what UFit have been doing in the B2B space in Singapore recently which will open your mind to what other revenue streams and opportunities there may be in your city.



Jun 14, 2021

We welcome Will Skinner, CEO of UFit, to the show to talk about UFit’s decade as one of Singapore’s strongest and most successful fitness brands.

In our next episode, part 2, we discuss UFit’s strong corporate strategy and how they’ve partnered with hotels to create in exciting win-win business model.



Jun 6, 2021

Host Jack Thomas talks about the common errors in sales, marketing and branding that gyms studios make.

With a few tweaks, some awareness and a little smart investment, you can fix these errors and turn them into big positives for your fitness business.



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