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Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

Avrum Elmakis, co-founder of CLMBR, a beautiful and powerful piece of equipment and technology that elevates one of the purest and most underrated forms of movement - climbing.

The story of CLMBR is a truly inspiring one and has helped the company attract superstar investors such as Jay-Z and Novak Djokovic.



Dec 20, 2021

After discussing whether you should have sales and discounts in your gym in episode 187 (listen here), today Jack presents 7 other effective sales strategies that are not just money off.

This allows you to maintain your pricing structure and the integrity of your brand, as well as getting bigger and stronger commitments...

Dec 13, 2021

Selina Bridge is the CEO of KX Pilates out of Australia, overseeing strong growth in APAC and beyond and a robust bounceback after lockdowns.

Selina shares openly her insights into running such a strong network of studios and franchisees, how innovation plays a big part in their success and plans. This is a great listen...

Dec 5, 2021

Sales and discounts are addictive for a business and have their place but, when incorrectly applied, can also destroy your margins and brand.

Host Jack Thomas talks through the pros and cons of sales and discounts and how to both use them effectively and avoid the common pitfalls.